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ENJOY our review of the beautiful hotel Palais Namaskar Marrakech in sunny Morocco, according to the Exclusive Travel Reviews team. Our reviews are in...

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ENJOY our review of the beautiful hotel Palais Namaskar Marrakech in sunny Morocco, according to the Exclusive Travel Reviews team. Our reviews are independent and not commissioned by hotels and resorts. For any general inquiries, please contact us at

"Palais Namaskar opened in April 2012 in the peaceful Palmeraie oasis beneath the Atlas Mountains and Djebilet Hills, Palais Namaskar is immersed in a vast and majestic panorama.
Commanding more than 5 hectares of seclusion and tranquillity, the architecture is inspired by Feng Shui and the powers of beauty, to create a palace that will truly touch your spirit. "
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