Touring Disney's Coronado Springs Resort - Hotel & Bedroom (Rating Review in Description!)

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Welcome to NGU University!!! We got the chance to spend some time at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort while celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary. ...

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Welcome to NGU University!!!

We got the chance to spend some time at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort while celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Is this hotel a YES or a NO when considering staring on Disney Property.

With NGU's goal of giving you Open, Honest and Clear reviews, we rate the hotel as such...

Front Lobby Area - 9 of 10
Inside Decor & Theming - 10 of 10
Outside Decor & Theming - 10 of 10
Pool Area - 8 of 10
OnSite Restaurant(s) 9 of 10
Friendliness of Staff 10 of 10
Kid Friendly - 7 of 10

Design and Layout - 9 of 10
Cleanliness - 10 of 10
Bed Comfort - 7 of 10
Pillow Comfort - 9 of 10
Bathroom/Shower - 9 of 10
Noise Level - 9 of 10

Overall Value for $ Spent 9 of 10

Overall we were very happy about our visit at Coronado. Regarding the numbers above, a few changes that would have improved our rating are as follows...

Front Lobby was beautiful, but we were not greeting upon arrival and for our first visit we pretty much made our way around on our own, without the help of staff or a lobby manager. In regards to the pool, it is truly beautiful, but geared more towards adults and with such great theming, we felt they could have played into it more by adding addition kids areas outside of the playground. The restaurants were just about perfect, except some of the food at Mercado's felt more cafeteria style than freshly made. Is the hotel Kid Friendly? Ultimately yes, but more towards older children. In regards to the room, the design and layout felt more open and free than most Disney resorts, but lacked some creativity that some of the other locations offer. Bed comfort was a little to stiff for our liking, but after walking around the parks for most of the day it really didn't make much of a difference. The pillows were very comfortable, but at some locations they offer a variety. Two stiffer pillows and two softer ones. Although we were very happy, they all felt exactly the same. As great as the barn door looks to the bathroom, there are rather large spacing between the door itself and the wall. Not an issue for us, but would be something our teenage daughter would point out. For the most part we didn't hear the people above, below or to the side of us. However, it was apparent when kids ran past the door to the room or people talked loudly while passing. For a light sleeper, this might be a slight distraction if you turn in early for the night.

Overall, this hotel is stunning and high on our recommendation list!

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