VIETNAM VISA for INDIANS I Visa on Arrival - Approval Letter, Documents, Procedure & Fees

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This video is about Everything you need to know about Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizens: Documents, Procedures, Fees and Flights from India to Vietnam....

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This video is about Everything you need to know about Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizens: Documents, Procedures, Fees and Flights from India to Vietnam.

This is the second video of travel guide for travelling to Vietnam for Indians. In this video, I will be sharing the procedure to apply for the Visa on Arrival of Vietnam for Indian citizens and how to get the Visa pre-approval letter at the cheapest price of $6. I have also shared flight information of India to Vietnam. The video explains the documents required for Visa and whole process which will help any traveller wanting to visit Vietnam. I have already made a video sharing my budget for Accommodation, Food and Travel. Do check that video for more details.

Cheapest Vietnam Visa pre-approval letter (not sponsored):
Vietnam Budget Video -

00:00 Introduction
00:57 Flights from India to Vietnam
02:11 Vietnam Visa for Indians
03:20 Vietnam Visa - Procedure and Documents
05:13 Vietnam Visa Approval Letter
09:03 Can you visit Vietnam in 2020?
09:23 Domestic Flights in Vietnam
09:50 Conclusion
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Watch the series to know how you can travel to Vietnam on a low budget while having vegetarian food every day and have fun and create wonderful memories.

I am new to making videos and Vietnam was my first adventure trip, so I am still learning, Please help me grow this channel by giving your feedback and suggestions. If you guys like this video then please click the Like Button and if something went wrong in this video, do mention in the comments! Share with people who want to travel and everyone else too.

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